Last Saturday, Jenny and Kevin tied the knot at St. Catherine’s of Siena Church in Laguna Beach, followed by a rockin’ reception at Shady Canyon Golf Club in Irvine.  I was really looking forward to their wedding, since it’s the big kick-off for our 2007 season!  Not to mention they’re both pretty easy on the eyes….
The beautiful bride -
A little limo action -

The rings -

I think there is something really classic about this shot of Jenny walking up the aisle with her dad -

A little detail from the ceremony -

I just love this shot that Doug got of Jenny and Kevin walking back down the aisle! -

A couple of portraits -

A couple of details from their reception -

And their first dance (p.s. I love when the bride and groom choose to have the bridal party stand on the dance floor during their first dance – it’s so much more interesting then the band!)-

The cake cutting -

While I shot the guests dancing, Doug set up a mini-photo booth and took character portraits of guests on their way to the bar.  I think he did an awesome job capturing some fun moments for Jenny and Kevin to enjoy later!

Congrats and enjoy your honeymoon!  -Chenin

  • Jasmine* says:

    Okay. So all the pictures are as fabulous as usual, but that photobooth idea is just killer…SO amazing!! I loooove it!! :)

  • crissy says:

    sam’s folks were at this wedding. i was half-hoping to see a candid shot w/ them in the background! i love love love the photobooth pics. :D

  • Photobooth pics are awesome! Great job at eliciting such fabulous portraits. These should be a photo spread in Vogue or Vanity Fair.

  • i love that dude with the cake in the photobooth!

  • Mini photo booth = best.idea.ever!
    Great shots, guys.

  • Taryn says:

    What a fun way to capture the guests at a wedding. I’m so jealous that I don’t have something like this in my wedding album. Keep up the great work!

  • Man those booth pics kick some serious butt!
    Some real standouts:
    Guy holding all the booze
    Cake dude
    Cigar man
    Coffee drinker
    Old couple
    Cheers girl
    Chick eating something out of a bag
    Totally agree with Mark’s comment about Vanity Fair.

  • rik says:

    it’s been said before, but bears repeating…while the wedding shots are incredible, the photobooth absolutely rocks! any clues as to the set up?

  • Lanne says:

    AWESOME shots. Love the wedding shots..but the photo booth ones are brilliant! LOVE that! Thanks for sharing.

  • Jennifer says:

    Love, love, love, the photo booth action!! So innovative. Yeah, care to share your set-up? You guys are continually raising the bar.

  • Dave says:

    You guys amaze me every time.

  • Dianna B says:

    Gosh, you guys are too cool. These are all so fab. The BG under the tree, love it. The reception photos… Mark totally nailed where these need to be. Great!

  • Serena says:

    i’m totally in love with the photobooth pictures! how did you guys set it up and elicit such fun responses from people?

  • Fred Egan says:

    hey guys,
    LOVE the SX-70 shot…beautiful! And Doug, what a killer idea for the mini photobooth-just rockin’ a flash and a tripod?? And the photobooth images? I can help but think those are going to make them laugh so much!

  • anna joy says:

    a home made photo booth? I LOVE IT!!!

  • lauren c. says:

    …LOVE the photobooth shots, SO FUN!!!

  • I love the father and bride shot. Very classic indeed. I so want to try the photo booth idea. Maybe I’ll try it on my dogs first. Have them chase a ball back and forth in front of the camera. I don’t know if you remember meeting me in Vegas, but i’m ejoyed meeting you. I think honestly I only met Chenin. So maybe another time Doug. I enjoyed your talk about the “rules” policy. You both did a wonderful job. I love how well you two work together.

  • beth says:

    these are amazing… just beautiful…
    someday…i hope i can take photographs like this.
    great job!
    the photobooth is fantastic, by the way…
    (did you use some of your actions on these photos)

  • You both have amazing talent!!
    I came across your blog just recently and now have it bookmarked.
    Love this wedding, especially the photobooth shots.
    You make my work look like crap.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Alexa says:

    i love the ring shots you do, they’re always so creative, and very beautiful.


After 10 days on the road, we’re finally home! We had an amazing time in Maui, celebrating our five year wedding anniversary! I wanted to share some photos of our trip with y’all!
I should mention that my wonderful husband planned this whole trip on his own! He booked the private estate that we stayed at five years ago on our honeymoon, which is a really amazing place. The home is about half way up the road to Hana, smack dab in the middle of a rainforest. Here’s the view from our balcony (if you look close, you can see our own private waterfall in the lower right corner) -

The house is filled with amazing Balinese Art -

Since it’s a good 20 minutes to the nearest town, we played a lot of Scrabble. Now that I look at this photo, I can see that Doug cheated a little ( 10 points to whoever can see where he tried to pull one over on me!) -

It rains pretty much everyday, which results in some pretty amazing rainbows! This was right outside our window one afternoon -

We drove way the heck out to the middle of nowhere to visit Hawaii’s only winery. In case you were wondering, Pineapple wine sucks and it gives you a wicked hangover -

One of my favorite things about Maui is that it’s like visiting a whole other country, without ever leaving the US. Their “cuisine” is especially perplexing. Check out the “local fare” at McDonald’s -

Another thing they eat all the time – rice, with Hormel Chili and Nacho Cheese on top! I’ll spare you a photo of that one….
Always up for an adventure, Doug and I drove up a very scary road just to see what was on the other side. This road was, literally, so narrow that driving on it voided our rental car agreement! But, of course, you can’t tell us what to do!

And a view from the window of our Jeep (notice there is no guardrail!) -

About half-way up the road, we saw a pack of wild burros! I was so excited to hop out of the car and play with them! -

And some random shots along the way -

As if that drive wasn’t risky enough, we chartered a private Cessna to fly up the coast of Maui! Doug has been wanting to get his pilot license (wouldn’t it be pimp to fly a plane to our weddings?!?), so we hired an instructor to show Doug the ropes. Here is Doug looking like an extra out of Top Gun -

And here’s a self-portrait documenting the complete and utter fear I experienced while my husband flew what was, essentially, a motorcycle with wings -

And a shot of the view from above -

And one more of us celebrating making it back down to earth! -

Stay tuned for shots of the second leg of our trip – WPPI in Las Vegas!

  • scott williams says:

    Did you stay in Aina Waipio by chance? Sounds like if it wasn’t, it was close by. My wife and I spent 5 weeks there a few years back and nearly forgot our names we were so relaxed. Congrats!

  • nicole says:

    your images are beautiful! i am so jealous. :) congrats on the anniversary.

  • Happy Anniversary! We have a 5 year anniversary coming up this year and we are trying to decide what to do. We keep seeing Hawaii photos we love so it has the highest vote right now. Did you rent the house online? We have been searching vrbo.com a lot. Love your blog!

  • Mary Crow says:

    Happy belated Anniversary! You are two of my favorite people. So cute, so smart and so talented!

  • Hui Min says:

    is “TA” a word?

  • doug says:

    “TA” is not a word, Hui Min! 10 points for you and shame on me for having too much red wine while playing Scrabble. ;)

  • danielchin says:

    Damn… I need a vacation… again…

  • DB, you weren’t kidding about the rainbows! Sweet shots!

  • rik says:

    darn. i saw “ta” too, but just wasn’t quick enough on the draw. shucks.
    still looks like you guys had an amazing time there…definitely jealous. happy anniversary!

  • Looked like a great time is had by all! Thanks for sharing the adventures. Brings back memories…

  • yo mama says:

    Doug – I totally think “TA” is a word…like TA Ta’s…..of course, Chenin knows how I play too – I learn from Sam

  • Ta is a perfectly acceptable, Scrabble dictionary certified words. Observe: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_two-letter_English_words

  • A nerd says:

    Official Scrabble dictionary lists “Ta” as a word. (Not that’s I’m siding with Doug).
    You can type “Ta” (or any other word) in at: http://www.hasbro.com/scrabble/home.cfm?page=tools :)

  • I love the photo of Chenin in the plane, Classic. Doug how many hours do you have so far? Thanks again for the meeting in Vegas. Keep in touch you two!

  • A nerd says:

    “That” not “That’s”
    Guess I’m not one to talk about words!

  • Fred Egan says:

    Im going to go with Ta is a word….like elementary music class: Ta-Ta-Tee-Tee-Ta. :-)
    On another note….Doug, is Barney Fig Tree on a missing persons list??? I’ve got sources that say he reportedly left Vegas with another photographer and is looking to find his inner “bowler” via a multi-city US tour. I havent see his face on any milk cartons yet so I can’t confirm this….just wanted to check in with you.

  • Boutwells, you are too cute. For our 10 year anniversary, my husband and i got remarried by Elvis in Vegas! Although Hawaii is a pretty rockin’ alternative!! Nicely done, Doug. Good husband.

  • anna joy says:

    What fun! I love the bus and the donkeys the most! Happy Anniversary :D

  • Hey we have never met but I follow your blog. Happy belated anniversary! Wish I knew you were on Maui. I would have treated you to the best private whale watch ever. I live in Kihei and last year took out Gary Fong and Mel and Becker and Jessica. We had a blast. Next time you are on Maui please let me know. I get lonely out here.

  • Janice says:

    I frequently check out your blog, but I don’t know you personally. I just love and admire your work immensely. I’m happy to hear you had a great time in Hawaii. Happy Anniversary! I don’t mean to take side either, but “ta” is a word in Webster’s dictionary and it means thank you. My British friend uses it all the time. So on topic with the post: thank you for all your beautiful work and being such a great inspiration! Ta!

  • Alex Hill says:

    Yep, I can confirm, ‘ta’ is a Yorkshire word for ‘thanks’……’ta luv’ is a commonly heard expression ‘up North’ in England. Julie and I had fun tonight…let’s do it again soon.
    Ta for now.

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