Thanks to everyone for your overwhelming response to my help-me-learn-my-Mac thread. I thought I would update y’all, since this computer has pretty much consumed my life for the past week. I feel like I’ve never used a computer before. Nothing makes sense (actually it makes a lot of sense, but not to someone who has spent the last 20 years being brainwashed my Microsoft) and, you all are not going to believe this, but the damn thing broke within 3 days.
That’s right! My Mac is sad. And broken. And made me lose a whole project in Photoshop. Seriously. It kept freezing and it had weird, ugly lines/shapes all over the display. It happened once and I thought it was the new memory. I removed that and it happened again. The third time I shouted just about every curse word known to man and took the darn thing down to the Mac store. To their credit, they replaced it, apologized profusely and carried the new (happier) Mac to my car. So far so good…
here’s a picture of what my display was doing….

Sad or not, this is a nice system and I am slowly getting used to it. Thanks to everyone for their help and to my clients for being very patient while I make the transition.

  • Angela says:

    I made the switch to Mac back in November after my PC died on me. I’m so set in my pc ways and it’s just like you said nothing makes sense (when in fact it really does). I’m still trying to figure it all out, Google is my best friend when I can’t find something. Hope your new one doesn’t get sick!

  • Wow that really bites… I hope this mac will live a LONG and PROSPEROUS life =)

  • mnjordan says:

    This is a known issue with the new Mac Pros – sorry you got one of the bad ones!

  • JD says:

    That’s either GPU failure or the card wasn’t all the way in the slot, if it happens to the new one, check to make sure that it’s all the way in. You will feel it snap into position and it should be nice and snug.

  • oh honey, i feel your pain! that happened to me once as well. lost some important files too. sucks. i so understand the frustration!!! don’t give up on the mac though – you’ll be in love again with him son enough and forget about that ol PC thingy.

  • Chenin, bless your heart! You have two hours of my time any day! It looks like a a card was out of place. You will love it when you get used to it, it is almost like moving to a new town. You hate it at first but once you make friends you love it!

  • Fred Egan says:

    Booooooooooooooo :( I have been there before… :(

  • april g says:

    that is some weird jerry spring voodoo!!!

  • april g says:

    i meant springer, not spring. ah well. poor chenin.

  • PamN says:

    Uggh, I’m sick for you. I hate that we have to rely so heavily upon computers, but there is no way around it. Hope you get in the groove FAST!

  • pam says:

    i am starting to get very nervous about my purchase right about now!! a mac pro is suppose to arrive on my doorstep monday & after reading all this stuff…… did i make the right decision??? chenin i hope you find time to keep us updated on your progress with it & i am going to call a mac~friend & get him over here MONDAY!!

  • Amish says:

    This just proves that a computer is a computer (pc or mac). They both have their +/-, but you won’t find me switching to mac anytime soon. Hopefully your new one doesn’t have any problems!

  • I am so glad that I am not the only person to have experienced the premature death of a Mac. Mine lasted only 6 days, to say I was shocked was an understatement. I had exactly the same problem with mine as you did. Does go to show that Mac’s do die. Thankfully (and touch wood) my replacement Mac Book Pro has lasted the last 6 months so I hope your new one lives a long and prosperous life also!

  • Gina says:

    wow, I thought I was the last photographer using a PC ;) I know there are so many praises for Mac and though the % of problems may be less, as someone mentioned above, every computer will have it’s problems whether Mac or PC because that is the way of life in this new techno world. Best wishes with the Mac and best of luck in converting to a new platform.

  • I think the same thing happened to me. I took to the mac store and the guy told me it was a corrupted file. So I reloaded the start system software and still had the same problem. I took it back they fixed some part. It was still crashing. I took it back and demanded a manager, and he decided to change the video card. Viola no more crashing. Good luck and demand a manager if they don’t fix it the first time.

  • Jason says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you had problems with your Mac. I know that when you are in the fragile state of “switching” you most def don’t need somthing to go wrong in the middle of your learning process. I really hope you had a backup. Anyway keep your Mac faith alive, you end up happy in the end!

  • I feel your pain!!! My brand new 2nd generation Mac Pro that I got 2 days ago is doing the SAME THING!!!!! I wanted to scream after two days of transferring files, etc. I hear it is the crappy ATI video card in this machine-did they replace this for you, or the whole machine?

  • Calvin Hill says:

    I can’t state this enough, backup backup backup. Does not matter for PCs or Macs, backup. I am using the Time Capsule (which works with Time Machine) and it is great. Might even consider using Amazon off site back up too. I have and I am really happy that I did.

  • I remember when my buddy got a Powerbook about 4 years ago. He also bought an iPod and the two of them were inseparable. I have never experienced the type of brand loyalty that I experence with Mac users. He was so convincing I bought an iPod for My PC. That summer i made the leap and…bought the Powerbook. I was so surprised by all the amazing folks who volunteered to let me use their software and teach me how to make the most of my investment. Now I am all Mac’ed out. But I have had errors. Just yesterday the AC brick on for my Powerbook went up in a puff of smoke. i swear there was a yellowish borwn smoke lingering over the computer. Good thing I got the Apple Care :)
    Parris Whittingham
    New York City Wedding Photography

  • fatoStomo says:

    If a thing’s worth having, it’s worth cheating for.
    – W.C. Fields

Well, I’ve finally had enough. After spending the last 28 years torturing myself with computer drama, I bought a Mac. I’ve secretly hated PCs since Windows Vista devoured my computer bit by bit last year. Programs stopped working, files went missing, hardware came to a screeching halt – and, if you can believe it, the only way to fix it was to buy a new copy of XP (even though I already had one – it had been upgraded to Vista). That was hard-earned money I could have spent on shoes, but I ended up giving it to Bill Gates. The last straw was on Friday, when my computer just shut off. No warning, no sad PC-face, nothing… it just turned off and died. I was beyond ticked, as I lost the project I was working on and generally felt ripped off by Microsoft (again.)
So, I broke down and bought a PowerMac with all the fancy extras. Doug talked me in to the Cinema Display (mostly so he could steal my old display) and I’m hard at work trying to figure out how to use the damned thing. It took me a good long while to figure out how to put a DVD into the burner (who the heck knew that little arrow key stands for eject?) and I still don’t understand why Photoshop is “see-through.” Given that I was the last documented pro-photographer to actually use a PC, I figure you all have way more experience with this beast. If you want to really make me smile, leave a comment with some tips or tricks. I especially could use some advice on software I am missing out on. I loved PC’s Archive Creator and Epson Print CD and it seems there is no equivalent for Macs :(
And some photos, just in case you don’t believe me -

To my friends who are *dying* to call me right now and say “i told you so” ( you know who you are!), no need…. I know.

  • andie says:

    welcome to the dark side!! i’ve never understood why photoshop is see through either!

  • Ryan says:

    apple+option+esc = control+alt+delete on a pc. You may want to write it down. I had to be given that tip about 10 times before I finally remembered (mostly because my mac rarely locks up).

  • kim says:

    try hitting the “f” key in photoshop to change the screen mode. it’s not exactly the same but you’ll get used to it… welcome;)

  • Welcome to the Darkside, young padawan! First, make sure you get a multi-button mouse. You don’t HAVE to use the one-button thing! My mouse has 7 buttons, and I map half of them to the Expose functions (look in System Preferences -> Expose). Now that you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, hold down the control key and scroll up. See how it zooms in? How cool is that!
    Enjoy your new toy!

  • i am not going to call you and say anything, but if you need any help… just let me know. welcome to the cult… i mean family!
    [ b ]

  • Erin Vey says:

    I just switched to Mac full time in January. I’m not going to lie … it’s been mildy painful and time consuming, but was definitely worth it. The cinema display is soooooo pretty. “F” key in photoshop saved my life. I love that. I also noticed a huge color shift when I calibrated. Do that sooner than later.

  • Jared Rey says:

    If you hold shift+apple key+3, that will capture everything on your screen. If you hold down shift+apple key+4 it will bring up a cursor that will let you select what you want to capture on your screen.
    If you hold down the shift key before you press the minimize button on any document you will minimize the window in ultra-slow motion. not really anything productive but fun to watch if you are bored.
    and last, if you hold down the apple key and press tab you can toggle between open applications.
    have fun! it seems complicated at first but it will be so much faster when you learn all the shortcuts!

  • ?’s
    Ping me anytime.

  • Hey Chenin. There is an Epson Print CD for Mac out there. I took a quick look at their website and couldn’t find it. I still have my install CD that came with the printer, though, if you really get in a bind and need it, let me know. I’ll find some way to get it to you. I’m not sure why Epson would do that to its customers, but I find it odd. Anyway, welcome to Mac-land… where your computer goes obsolete every 3 months, but at least it’s still pretty.

  • i never said i told you so, but i so would have. :)

  • Once you get used to it, you are going to LOVE it!! I recommend having a Mac friend come over and show you a few things live and in person. My brother just made the switch and is loving it! Seriously, once you get past the things that are “different” you’ll grow to LOVE the things that are so much better :)

  • Apple+Shift +3 does a screen shot capture
    Apple+Shift +4 gives you crosshairs so you can do a screen capture of a snip it off your screen.
    MEMORIZE it, it will drive you NUTS trying to figure out how to do it in about 4 weeks.

  • aviva says:

    (long-time blog-reader, first time poster) Chenin, welcome. If you’re truly frustrated at missing PC programs, you can still have them. Install Boot Camp or a similar emulation program that will let you use your Windows programs on your new Intel-based Mac. It’s cheating from the Microsoft cleansing you should be doing, but it will give you a fix of a program you miss. Aperture is a great program for organizing your photos.
    Also, buy a BOOK. “The Missing Manual” books are great (I’m not sure if there’s one out for Leopard yet, but there should be). You want to have a reference handy. Use the heck out of your Apple Care and your friends!
    Above all, welcome to an amazing family filled with iLove and iHelp and iFriends :)

  • Joanna says:

    Yay for you! Just going to echo what someone else said about Epson print CD – we have a copy on our Mac, too. I use my dashboard for important things like an online dictionary and calendar and Pacman.

  • rebecca says:

    Thanks for a great blog, I am a bit of a stalker! Trust me you are going to fall madly in love soon enough! My favs: apple key + W= closes the current window, and apple + M= minimizes the window. Once you learn the quick keys you will be wicked fast! I know more if you’re interested, but I bet you will get tons off this post!! good luck!

  • Rob says:

    Welcome to Mac! I had to get used to the whole “see through” photoshop thing too but I finally found a cool little program called Backdrop and all it does it fill your entire screen with a solid color background. You just start backdrop and then open photoshop and photoshop sits on top of a perfectly clean background. You can choose whatever color you want, I use a neutral gray. The best part is that the program is freeware!

  • I’m really excited for you!!!! Your life is going to get so much easier (well maybe not at first).
    I also have the Epson Print Cd on my mac and can help you if you need it.
    Anyway, you definitely made the right decision and have no doubt you will ever regret it. Good luck and keep posting….lovin it!

  • Cory Ann says:

    I did the same thing with the DVD drive when I got my G5. Nice to know I’m not the only one.
    Try things and bento for organization. Toast for burning your discs. Newsfire for reading your blogs in a feeder easily.
    Have fun!

  • no one says:

    Here some links that might help: (all apple keyboard shortcuts) (all sorts of tips)
    Aperture 2

  • dalisa says:

    if you press alt+control+shift+f+u you can flip off anyone you are emailing;)
    Mac version of Epson Print CD is just as awesome as the PC version. Now don’t go changing to Nikon…keep the cannon thing going! Although the D3 does kick ass

  • no one says:

    Apple key (⌘) = PC Key (CTRL)
    ⌘+V = CTRL+V (paste)
    ⌘+C = CTRL+C (copy)
    ⌘+Q = Quit Program

  • nik says:

    Epson CD print works with Mac. I want to charge them for the 3 hours of wasted time. Same installation, if you click “manual print” then it seems to work fine. It is glitchy at first, but if you simply call an Epson person they talked me through it in 5 minutes. I have been using it on 3 systems for 3 years. Good Luck.

  • abbyrose says:

    wow – I almost can’t even believe you were a windows gal! You are gonna love the world of apple!!!

  • Jared Rey says:

    Just wanted to share that I mentioned your blog on my site ( I created a Netvibes page that shares all my favorite photography blogs with anybody. You can see what I am talking about here: . I think it would be great if other photographers made their own pages for people to see what blogs the check out. Thanks!

  • jenniferL says:

    cool… you’re gonna love your mac once you get used to it! ⌘ + tab = you can scroll through your open applications to switch (instead of going down to your dock).

  • That is awesome. Congrats! Before too long, you’ll never want to go back.
    BTW, the best advice for Macs is play around. You can activate your mouse to be a 2-button mouse like a PC by going into System Prefs > Mouse. Click around, press option or command or control. Go ahead because you can’t break it with a few clicks like you can on a PC. : )

  • Eric says:

    Congrats, it’s the beginning of a new life. The best help for me was to forget everything about a PC and have a Mac friend come over and show me the ropes. One shortcut I can’t live without is apple+N from the “Finder” to open a new navigation window. To cycle through photoshop windows use ctrl+tab. I would definitely recommend iWork ’08 – it kicks Microsoft Office’s booty. Then check out for all the free applications you can ever want!

  • DavidHam says:

    Mac has it’s sex appeal…that’s for sure. I am currently in my one month cold turkey switch, love/hate affair with my mac. Here’s a few things that may help.
    Get a 7-9 button mouse and assign Expose functions to it. It’ll help save your sanity in switching between apps and windows.
    The short cut keys: command+q to quit, command+h to hide are your friends. (command+ctrl+h in Photoshop) helps to keep the screen looking less clutter because like you notice, program windows doesn’t have a solid background. So it’s easy to mis click on windows and have that app steal focus on what you intended to do. So I simply hide windows out of habit now.
    I like to use the scale effect to minimize. Feels faster to me than the default genie.
    If you’re sticking with Finder, go to view and show path bar to turn on the bread crumb/pathing feature. For a more powerful alternative, buy Pathfinder to replace Finder. You have to change the fonts and such on Pathfinder from it’s default to make it look more appealing IMHO.
    Cut and paste of files doesn’t work in OSX. You’ll have to resort to dragging and dropping files between windows/folders. Use the alt key to determine whether you are moving or copying a file. Copy operation are noted with a green + symbol on your cursor.
    I am still looking for a solution for the inability to resize windows from any side or corner like in Windows. I keep finding myself in situation where this lack of feature gets annoying.

  • I am going to offer my help by saying if you have questions or want to know how to do something I am an Apple Technician for my day job, and should be able to explain it in PC terms if you need a relationship for memory. so send me an email if you like, and yes welcome to the cul…. “Family”

  • Lanne says:

    I sat on hold to Adobe for an hour.. wondering why my PS seemed broken.. see through SUCKS. LOL
    I LOOOOVE pages/numbers/keynote (Iwork) and found it cheaper and better than office for mac. Some things still elude me … i did find F3 helpful. I shows me all my windows.. so when i get lost I can hit it and find my way back. I also found clicking and holding on an icon on the dock shows you a list of all the files/windows this is helpful. is also great.. free download, and lets you manage your chats with everyone on different chat programs. It took me about 2 weeks.. 4 to realise I was never going back and now I flatly refuse to turn on my old PC notebook. ;) congrats!

  • carrie says:

    i could have written this post. i JUST bit the bullet last week and got a mac pro…after much head banging against the wall. i actually emailed your husband about it and asked if he REALLY thought i’d be happier with a mac. i decided yes. i think i actually would. so, we’ll see how it goes when it gets here…off to read up on your comments. -c

  • pam says:

    i ordered a macpro today …. i too was die hard pc. thanks for posting chenin! all this info is fantabulous & i will need it!!

  • The letter F will help wth the see through thing. It helped me not want to scream anyway!

  • Zlatko says:

    After many years in Windows, It can take a month or two to adjusted to the Mac. Later you realize that it’s well worth it because you have much less computer fixing time. There are quite a lot of Mac tips and tricks and you may find it takes some time to get up to speed with them. One of the most useful Mac programs is Photo Mechanic because it’s super quick for selecting photos, and it can be used to ftp files to your lab (so you don’t need a separate ftp program). Roxio Toast is pretty convenient for making DVDs. Apple’s iWork programs are very good (Pages, Numbers and Keynote). I could never get used to the Mac mouse and have stuck with Logitech mice. For album design, I am finding that Adobe InDesign is looking great (though I am just learning it). For printing on DVDs, you can use Epson Print CD, Discus RE or just use a template in Photoshop. Good luck!

  • I love your display and the dog in the pictures even more. Too cute!
    I just recently converted over too and after the first month of trying to make things much more difficult than it needed to be on the Mac because I was so PC-ed out beforehand, I’ve come to love it. I hope you’ll find that it’s so much more intuitive and our PC-ed minds just get in the way.
    Everyone above pretty much gave the tips that drove me nuts trying to figure out when I first got it.

  • PamN says:

    You’re making me cry. This conversion ordeal will be in my future soon, and I am not looking forward to the learning curve either.

  • Judy C says:

    Hey Chenin … you’re not the last hold out. I’m currently sitting here in front of my little Toshiba laptop and just as I’m typing out this comment, it decides to go back 3 pages in my surfing. Ergo meaning, get that damned MAC NOW!! Good for you, its on my definite to do list this season because both my PC and my laptop need replacing and I shudder at the thought of being stuck with Vista!!!!! Looks like your new MAC received a very loving welcome ;)

  • Ryan says:

    Congratulations! I would say you need to stop what you are doing and download Quicksilver. It does it all from launch applications to upload photos, with just a few key strokes. It’s the first thing I always download with a new computer. Enjoy!

  • Chenin,
    You are not the last photographer to use a PC. I still am…even though I hate it! I freaken computer shuts down all the damn time! As soon as I save up enough I am going to but a pimp mac! I am a bit scared to try to figure it out though.

  • Isabelle says:

    Been a Mac user for 8 years. Sorry to offend anyone, but I laugh at PC users. You know in that Mac commercial kind of way. ;)
    Must get? Aperture, Aperture, Aperture.
    Sorry to say this Aviva, but Aperture is much more than a way to organize your pictures, it indispensable. Especially if you put books together. To be fair though, when I got it I didn’t really realize its full potential and gave up thinking it was just a glamorous image browser. But I took a course on it and I’m beyond thrilled with what it does. As a professional, it will seriously rock your world. I have this fantastic tutorial from the class. Pretty much Aperture for Dummies style. It’s yours if you’d like it.

  • Give it time and you will LOVE it! Be patient :)

  • Yay…welcome to the Mac world, it’s so nice over here isn’t it?! :-)

  • Now you can get an iPhone and love it and use the iCal. Okay, I do have Epson Print CD for mac and it works fine. Just FYI :)

  • Chenin, Welcome to the wonderful world of Apple! It’s great on this side… you’ll see. Never worry about viruses again.
    Also, I know what you mean about Photoshop being “see-through”. If you prefer to make it not see through (more like the PC set-up), just hit “F” on the keyboard. Doing this cycles you through different viewing methods…. The first time you press “F”, the background will go gray. The second, another variation on a gray background. The third, the background will go black (kinda handy for viewing photos), and hitting “F” a fourth time will take you back to the Standard screen.
    Also, F11 is a great key for making hiding all apps so that you can view the desktop.
    Finally, Control + Tab is a great way to cycle through different applications that you have open. :)
    Have fun!

  • Britney says:

    Programs you may want to look into:
    PhotoMechanic for editing is the best!
    iChat to keep in touch with friends
    iGTD to organize your day and to-do list
    Disco for burning

  • Mike says:

    I usually don’t comment much, but this one was worth it! I nearly spit out my water when I read the headline! I too just recently bought the new mac pro and ditched all my pc’s. Long story short, as a Web Designer, I will never go back to the PC’s again. They buckle under the pressure. The mac saved me countless hours of waiting for things to happen, etc. You know the deal. Thanks for the laugh and good luck with your new pride and joy!

  • Mary Jane says:

    YAY! I just got the same one too! Little hint…
    If you want to burn two DVD’s at the same time – in order to open the other slot, push the option key and the eject key – together! I wasted at least a day of my life trying to figure that out. :)

  • mnjordan says:

    Expose is excellent. To use it, press F9, and that will zoom all the windows out so you can see them and choose which one you want. F10 will do that with only windows in the program you are in. F11 zoom them all off the screen, so you can get to your desktop.
    Once you get used to using expose, it’s impossible to live without it.

  • Matt Lange says:

    MAC ROCKS!!! Welcome to the new age!

  • vanessa H says:

    I about died laughing!!! I think that now I am the only PC user left then!!!!
    One day I will switch to Mac.. Let us know how you like it!!!

  • amelialyon says:

    Wahooooo! So glad to see you convert! You’ll love the display, we have the 30 inch and life has been amazing since!

  • Jasmine* says:

    just when i thought you couldn’t get ANY COOLER…….you went and bought a Mac! ;)

  • Welcome to the club! Congratulations on your new baby. ;-)

  • Hi Chenin! I had a Sony Vaio and it died on me several times. After the second death of my computer, I purchased a MAC. All my friends had “no comment” after it was purchased!=) A MAC will simplify your life…but I still won’t purchase an IPHONE! Hope you and Doug are doing well! klg

  • Ricki Ford says:

    I went to mac about a year ago and I haven’t looked back. I want the mac air now.

  • Apple + [ decreases the brush size in PS and Apple + ] increases it.
    Apple + U brings up Saturation in PS
    Apple + M brings up Curves
    Apple + L brings up Levels.
    Basic ones but nice to know :)

  • Sorry…no big tips to give ya, although, seeing by the amount of comments you’ve gotten, I think you’ll be just fine. We also recently made the switch to Mac. :) So different but in a good way. :)

  • Hilary says:

    I know this is off subject, but I love the graphic behind the computer screen! Is it painted on the wall? Did you do it? If so how and where did you get the graphic? Thanks for the info…and btw, I really love your work. I always look forward to seeing your latest! Thanks for sharing!

  • Kemper says:

    No kidding, when I was pulling my hair out with the PC and making the MAC decision, I thought to myself “but those Boutwells do just fine with a PC, it must be me”. I switched anyway….but now I just feel much better :)

  • I felt a shudder of horror as I read how you’d lost a project and then lost full control of your PC. I switched to a mac about 4 years ago, then slowly but surely I’ve acquired more… they just work and network beautifully!
    I got the Mac Pro last month and love it. Some tips:
    - make use of the software RAID ability, by buying a couple of good/cheap drives at and then going into the disk utility to setup. It’s as easy as drag-n-dropping the drives to enable the RAID style ability.
    - make use of the time machine for your main HD to backup to a 4th drive all your documents, music etc.
    Hope this helps…
    One thing you’ll start to notice using macs over time is that they’re very practical. You’ll think about wanting to do something, then notice that they’ve thought of it already and make it easy to do.
    Good times :)

  • Tony Yu says:

    Try Paralells ( Neat lil’ soft that will allow you to run MacOS and Winblows … I mean Windows at the same time. Cuz as an ex PC geek I always need one of those programs that only runs on Winblows… you know what I mean.

  • aviva says:

    No need to apologize at all, Isabelle – I’m not a pro photographer and there’s no way I know all the advantages of Aperture yet – I use LightRoom & CS3 for my hobby, so I’m no authority. I’ve definitely heard from the masses that the latest Aperture is incredible.
    I also couldn’t agree more on the expose feature on my Mac! Fantastic links & help, even for a “seasoned” Mac user here – thanks, everyone.

  • Lori Wong says:

    I joined the world of Apple last April when I started pursuing my photography business more seriously. And [b], though joking is right, once you get the hang of it, you will become a part of the cult!!! :) I still work on a PC at my other job and come home and hug my iMac daily!
    Back to the tips…when I first started using my Mac, Safari really bugged me, there were things I couldn’t get on to, or look at, etc…so I downloaded Firefox. I guess that’s not showing love to Mac, but when you talked about beginner’s frustration, that was my first thought! And in your “System Preferences” > “Hardware” > “Displays” DO NOT click on that. I did it all the time in the beginning and it makes the screen huge and bugs out your eyes! And then it took me a half hour to figure out how to get it back to normal. I still don’t know how I do it, I just click on stuff until it’s okay again. All I know is not to click on that now! :)
    Good luck and welcome to the clan!

  • neal says:

    Let me see… Money for lenses and other fun toys OR spending heavens knows how much more for a piece of equipment so many worship.
    You will never take me alive. PC RULES!!!
    **Runs away from the ever growing large number of people with Apple stickers** :-)

  • Love your site as always especially this post. But I must admit that your beautiful wall in the background has caught my attention and I was wondering how you did it? Is it a paint treatment on your wall or did you use a stencil. It looks great and I would love to know as I will be painting in my new home soon!!!

  • congrats, chenin!

  • Sinead says:

    Look at all this mac love! I guess I’m now the last working photographer on a PC. But mine is connected to a Cinema Display! What can I say? I’m seriously multicultural! :)

  • mandi says:

    wow, tons of mac love! i just switched over to the dark side in december. and i have to say, i never knew it was this amazing! im a super geek, so i picked up in things pretty quickly and am now a pro shortcut chick.
    next stop on the mac road is the macbook air!
    congrats on your purchase, and good luck!

  • Gabi says:

    I just jumped on the Mac wagon too….Someone told me…”once you go Mac, you’ll never go back”

  • josh money says:

    You were the guys who stuck out in my mind because you were PC based. Now your just like the rest of them. I am sure one day I will switch back to Mac. I started out on Macs in 1991 but switched to PC in 99 for web dev reasons. Looking forward to the post when you start screaming about how your Mac is not upgradeable. haha

  • Maybe now I’m the last pro-photog on pc. As much as I hate microsoft, I’m still unsure about switching to mac…mostly for reasons josh mentioned.

  • Calvin Hill says:

    Don’t worry Dawn, Josh is mistaken about Mac now. Being out of the world of Mac since 99, he has missed a lot of changes. I have several Macs and they are all upgradable. But it does depend on what you want to do. For instance, laptops and iMacs are pretty standard in what you get. Memory, harddrives, and optical drives are upgradable but limited just like the PC world. Just like the PC world and you went with a tower (Mac Pro), it is much more upgradable than most PCs.

  • Andy says:

    Hmmm, while I have absolutely nothing against Macs (in fact, I was a Mac user from 1990-1998 and totally understand the family), I love my PCs. Knock on wood, but there just aren’t issues. For cost to speed/processing ratio, I get better value for the pc…just throwing a friendly contrarian viewpoint in. Enjoy…and who knows, maybe I’ll be joining back to the dark side.

  • I read your blog from time to time and loved this post because I could completely relate. I just made the switch in late December as well after my 3 month old Vista based machine started having major issues. Even my husband who is a die hard PC lover specially ordered a XP version recently because of how terrible Vista is! It sounds like that new operating system is costing them lots of business as everyone is moving to Mac. Someone else mentioned the “Missing Manual” book and I agree, that was indispensable to me during the transition. I keep my old XP Dell running beside for burning the DVDs and using Epson Print thing, but otherwise love that I made the switch! Thank goodness I was able to unload the newer PC to someone on Ebay and recoup about 60% of my money. Good riddance Vista!

  • It took me a while to work out the eject button too, and it took a little while to figure out how to open files in programs – drag and drop was a new idea for me. Now I am so Mac minded that I can’t remember how to use my pc when I need to.

  • I just ponied up the scratch for the 8 core MacPRO. Such a huge difference. I love the speed an d functionality and I am happy to hear they repaired the bugs in apple. I love the photo of the cute kitty statue. Reminds me of the trinkets I saw in the markets in Beijing. The cinema display is pretty sweet. I love the wallpaper in the your workspace. Thanks for sharing :)
    Parris Whittingham
    New York City Wedding Photography

  • michael says:

    Mmmmm, 8 core goodness. Check out LinoType Font Explorer X to manage all your fonts. Its free, and it connects with all your adobe software to help manage while you work. You guys are font aficionados so I thought that might help. Another thing I learned, don’t store stuff on the desktop, that will kill performance!

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of shooting Shari and Ali’s wedding in Newport Beach. It was a beautiful Persian ceremony, followed by a craaazy party on a yacht. Lot’s of fun!
Some getting ready -

Shari has gorgeous, dark eyes -

Dad looking on while his little girl get’s ready -

Then it was off to do some portraits of the lovely couple -

I loved this bright yellow house -

The lovely bride, right before the ceremony -

Dad and Shari walking down the aisle -

Feeding each other honey (I’ve read that this is to symbolize the sweetness of life together… not sure if it’s true, but I like the sentiment!) -

I managed to squeeze in a couple more shots of Shari and Ali before the sun went down -

Then it was off to the reception and their first (of many) dances -

And a couple shots of Dad’s toast -

To Shari and Ali: Thanks for sharing your lovely day with me! It was truly a pleasure!

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