I am finally back from an epic time at WPPI.  I met new friends, rekindled old connections and was completely humbled at the number of you who stopped me in the halls to say hello.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for making this gal feel extra special. :)

Before leaving for Las Vegas, I shot a lovely wedding in Palos Verdes, CA for the super-nice Heidi and Michael.  I will, of course, have a full post in a couple of days, but I’ve been sitting on this image for close to a week now and wanted to share it with you all. 


Can I just say that I am in L-O-V-E with my new Nikon gear?  The only thing I don’t love is how long it took me to make the switch.  I dragged my proverbial ass for some time, namely because perspective control lenses (aka, tilt shifts) have been a part of my work for years and, until recently, Nikon didn’t offer any.  Enter the PC-E Micro NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED

Eep!  This lens is sharp as heck, a dream to use (bye-bye sticky Canon TS-E!) and the coating is gorgeous!  Looks like I’ll be saving up for this beauty next.

I will post more of Heidi & Michael’s Palos Verdes wedding next week!


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  • Katy Gray says:

    Beautiful! You are totally tempting me to switch to Nikon with all the sharpness!!

  • GAry says:

    This lens is a beast!… Can’t wait for more photos.

  • :) :) Cuteness

  • The only bummer about Nikon and manual focus for me so far has been that the focus points don’t light up indivudually when in focus on a MF lens, there’s just that light in the lower left corner. It’s helpful enough though, with the arrows that direct you. And the sharpness is worth it. ;-)
    If you’re cool with manual focus, Chenin, you should pick up an old-school 35 1.4 or 50 1.2. Both amazingly sharp, and as exotically unknown as a PCE / TCE… :-)

  • lauralee says:

    mmm, yummy image. almost makes me want to jump ship nikon.

  • Sweet images… can’t wait to see the rest! From one Nikon fan to another :-)
    P.S. Can’t wait for the 24mm 1.4!

  • Gorgeous photos!! So what camera do you have now? I’m curious because I’m thinking of switching to Nikon too.

  • Girl you know how the rock that 45mm goodness like a goddess! I love the shot and that lens is amazing. Just wait until you get your hands on the 24mm 1.4, it is going to BLOW your mind. I am still trying to recover from the with-drawls I am going through after having to give it back to Nikon. =( …thankfully the word is one will be showing up on my door step soon.

  • Laura Hana says:

    I love the way you use your PC lens for portraits. I see a lot of people using it in uncomfortable ways but this is just dreamy.

  • I am totally jealous of the 45mm Tilt Shift Lens…I’d so love to have that! I also shoot Nikon and can’t wait to see more primes enter their lineup (I’m patient since I have some saving up to do!). Great photos – glad to see you’re loving the gear!

The big photo convention season is quickly approaching and I am getting so excited about meeting new friends and catching up with old ones!  One thing that always bums me out after convention season is how many emails I get from people who were too shy to come up and introduce themselves to me (believe it or not, some people are under the impression that I am one of the cool kids. lol.)  I thought it would be fun to sort of break the ice ahead of time and give you all a little glimpse of who I am (definitely not a cool kid!), so we have something to talk about in Vegas.

I am (embarrassingly) addicted to US Weekly and always love their “25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” features, so I thought I’d make a little list for myself.

1. I am addicted to Burt’s Bees lip balm.
2. I love Gin, but it makes me a crazy woman, so I don’t drink it anymore.
3. “24″ is one of my favorite shows, but it really bothers me that Jack Bauer has never, in 8 seasons, eaten or taken a drink of water. I am now obsessed with Jack’s nutritional intake.
4. My parents bred Australian Shepherds when I was growing up and we always had at least 7 or 8 dogs.
5. Kids called me “Chenin the Dog Girl” in school :(
6. I met my husband, Doug, in middle school.  He was the best friend of my boyfriend at the time (woopsies.)
7. It took me 3 years to convince Doug that he was in love with me. I think he finally just gave up.
8. My son is named after the artist, Maxfield Parrish, and the famous Chicago Cub, Ernie Banks.
9. I secretly hope Maxfield grows up to be a dork.
10. I refuse to eat American cheese, because, in the 6th grade, a bully put it in my hair. (Told you I am not a cool kid.)
11. My grandfather was a photographer and used to let me play in his darkroom when I was little.
12. If there was plastic surgery for shortness, I would do it.
13. I am currently eating an Atomic Fireball for the first time in 20 years. It’s spicy as hell.
14. I am sort of just making this stuff up so I have something to blog (don’t judge. you do it too.)
15. I love Cat Stevens’ music but right now I am listening to Ice Cube’s “Amerikkka’s Most Wanted.”
16. I am an enigma.
17. My favorite book is “Franny and Zooey,” by J.D. Salinger.
18. I love champagne and dark beer.
19. My heart has stopped on more than one occasion.
20. I am a sushi snob.
21. My first car was a 1987 Mazda RX-7, which I crashed at least 3 times. One time, I hit a Samoan lady with it and she almost kicked my ass
22. I have an irrational fear of birds. I am disgusted by their feet (which is why the bird in my logo has none) and I am convinced that they carry disgusting germs.
23. I am a germaphobe.
24. I am not a rock star.
25. I sometimes wish I was a bank robber, because I want to scale walls in a tight black suit.

So that’s it…. 25 things you don’t know about me. 

I will be posting later this week with my speaking schedule at WPPI!  Hope to see you there!


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  • Rina says:

    LOL@number 21. I’m laughing because I’m Samoan (the WHITEST Samoan you’ll ever meet) and can TOTALLY see that happening! I’ve been following your blog, Chenin, for quite some time and have never commented. But I just HAD to on this one! Glad you made it out ok…Samoan women can be scary!

  • ROTFL for #12: I’d do it too!!!! And I laughed a lot at #14! So true!!!!

  • Lydia says:

    I love Burt’s Bees lip balm too! I’ll have to pack a few for WPPI just in case I lose one! If I see you around WPPI, I will TRY to be brave and come up and introduce myself!

  • Cracked up about the irrational fear of birds!!! So ironic! Would love to meet you at WPPI! So, I’m excited you’ll be posting your schedule!!! wahooo!

  • shannon says:

    this is fantastic! i would LOVE to meet up with you at wppi. hopefully i can make that work!
    thanks for sharing!!

  • cindee bae says:

    Love your #14, rofl!

  • I’m with you one #1. LOVE that stuff. I’m just going to say that #3 is amazing. NEVER noticed. But now I’m concerned for Mr. Bauer as well.

  • Alice Hu says:

    Hope to meet you at WPPI! Your irrational fear of birds sounds like my irrational fear of fish.

  • karen lisa says:

    hey chenin! we’ve only met briefly at dwf and wppi in 2008… then we both skipped the shows last year due to having babies! I look forward to seeing you again and will definitely say hi. btw, also wanted to say I like how much more personal your blog has become lately since you had max… I hope we’ll have a chance to chat a bit at the show! I might steal your blog idea for my own. :)

  • I am still laughing out loud about the Samoan lady 1) because you actually hit a person and not just another car and 2) because she probably would have done more damage to the car that vice versa.
    “Chenin the dog girl” is AWESOME!!! If I ever start a band, that is what I will name it. Incidentally, my nickname in Jr. High was “Colorado Man.” Thanks for all the t-shirts from your trip Grandma…
    Sarah and I will try to introduce ourselves if we see you at WPPI…

  • From one sushi snob to another, I hear there’s a great place to get sushi inside MGM. :) Hope to get a chance to meet you!

  • Mandi says:

    Umkay, totally wiping my eyes from laughing my A off.

  • so i COMPLETELY agree with #22! birds are terrifying, but for no good reason!

  • My mom also breeds Australian Shepherds! Moose (my naughty puppy who ate my discs after I shot with you) is an Aussie, as is my other pup Bandit. I don’t think i’ve ever met anyone else who’s parents also bred dogs. I was also super uncool in school. Maybe the two are related?

  • Hannah Suh says:

    So surprised about #22 since you have birds in your branding! I’ve had a phobia of birds for years, and it totally sucks since pigeons are *everywhere* in San Francisco.
    Can’t believe people mocked you for having so many dogs, dogs are awesome! They can scare away the birds. :)

  • Hope to see you in Vegas! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jen says:

    number 24 is simply not true. you are a rock star. in this nerd’s book anyways :)

  • amy b says:

    I would have loved to have been called “amy the dog girl” and genuine is way better than cool any day. #7 is totally funny, and I am a sushi snob too! we’ll have to go snob it up sometime!

  • loving this! hope to meet you in vegas!

  • Nicole Bunten says:

    There is absolutely nothing embarassing about being addicted to US Weekly! I am so intrigued with the “Stars, they’re just like us” section. There is something facinating about seeing Angelina buy groceries and a Kardashian pick her nose.

  • #3 is LOL hiliarious!!! and I pulled a #6, only it was in college, and i’d do it again! :) love you work!

  • ~abi~ says:

    okay, now i am so not intimidated by you…so i will introduce myself next week in vegas! :)

  • nancy ray says:

    i am so glad to hear someone else realizes this about jack bauer! i have always wanted him to take a drink of water, and to use the bathroom. does he never have to pee? regardless, my hubby & i are still obsessed with the show. :]

  • Dave Bredrin says:

    Well, the don’t call Gin “mother’s ruin” for nowt eh girl!?

  • Ricardo De La Ghapchild says:

    Chenin Blanc is my favorite white wine grape. ;-)

  • Jeff Koontz says:

    Re No 18. – Dem call it Black Velvet. Fo Shizzle ma Chezzle!!!

  • erika says:

    Isn’t having something you’re afraid of as a logo against all rules of branding?! hahahaha

  • I love the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer. I think it’s the papaya I have. It’s perfect! http://www.burtsbees.com/natural-products/lips-lip-shimmer-gloss/lip-shimmer.html

  • Nancy Cuppy says:

    Maxwell Parrish, my mother use to reupholster furniture when I was growing up. She would by old antique chairs and fix them up to look beautiful. Those chairs are still holding strong after 40 plus years. One day she came home with this very large painting she got at a old thrift store. I would spend hours looking at it. I thought it was eve in the garden of Eden. Love love Maxfield Parrish’s work. So how are you liking your switch to Nikon?

  • amanda says:

    I giggled so loud I almost woke up my sleeping baby when I read this :) I love your photography, and this post just made me like you as a real person! Even though I don’t know you. But I blog stalk you. So it’s all good :) (and #22 is the best thing EVER)

  • jenny says:

    i just love you. always. i am a germaphobe also :) i won’t even drink after my husband..haha i’m convinced it’s a disease..

  • jenny says:

    i just love you. always. i am a germaphobe also :) i won’t even drink after my husband..haha i’m convinced it’s a disease..

  • Your blog provided a smile today ~ thanks! I can also relate to #16 “I am an enigma”…..in fact I’ve been told that more than a handful of times & secretly kinda like it! =)

  • amy vogel says:

    I would totally do the plastic surgery for shortness as well! :)

  • Keana Clay says:

    Number 22 had me and my friend laughing so hard I think we hurt ourselves. ROFL! Tears in my eyes as I type this comment.

  • Jennifer Fusco says:

    It’s funny how many of those we have in common! Especially #22, I thought I was the only one!


I have all sorts of fun news about Image X, taking place in New Orleans October 6-8!

*They’ve added some incredibly talented portrait photographers to the line-up, including the fantastic uber-photographer/business-genius, Laura Novak, of Strategy Avenue.
*They’ve reduced the deposit to only $425! That’s right – reserve your favorite speakers and your spot at this sure-to-bitchin experience for only $425!
* I’m told that I am completely sold-out for Day One, and that I have only a handful of spots left for Day Two. Since the Anti-Workshop: Vegas is over, this is the only remaining speaking engagement that I have scheduled this year! So, if you wanna learn a bit about me, my work and my business, Image X is your big chance. And don’t forget that my darling husband, creator of the Totally Rad Action Mix, will be sharing a little of his Photoshop knowledge during my course. That’s right – two Boutwells for the price of one :)
Hope to share a mint julep with you!

  • Jen says:

    Just curious if this is something that you guys can pick the date for next year? October is an absolutely crazy part of the year for most every photographer that I know (Seniors, fall families, fall weddings, christmas card prep) and most of us can’t afford to lose a precious october weekend. However, January is almost always slow for the majority of us. Can whoever plans this event possibly consider shifting the date for the ’09 or the ’10 conference??

  • Hi Chenin – I just signed up for your class at Image X and I am really excited. So glad you will be covering “Style” amoung other things! New Orleans, here we come!!! YaY! :)

  • We’ll see you there on Day 1!!! As a husband and wife team, we’ve been inspired by you guys since we started in this business. My wife is giddy about finally getting to meet one bitchin’ photography couple!

  • Lisa O'Connor says:

    Hey Chenin! I signed up back in December with you and Jessica Claire – I’m excited and looking forward to October…..plus what a bonus – 2for1 Boutwell’s {gg}!! See you there =)

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