At the start of this year, I made a few basic goals for myself.  One, to try every day to be the best wife and mom I can be. Two, to take better care of myself, inside and out.  And, three, to help women photographers learn to better balance career, marriage and motherhood.  So, when I was approached to speak at the first ever HER Photography Conference, I knew it was an awesome opportunity to connect with other women in the industry, to help others and to achieve my personal goals.

This is a very unique photography conference – for women only – where we can share what we know, learn from each other and, of course, have a little girl time.  I am thrilled to be included and I hope to see many friends, both new and old, in Michigan this November.

You can learn more about the conference by visiting the HER Conference Website or the HER Conference Facebook Page.

I am taking suggestions from folks on what you’d like me to teach.  As anyone who has attended one of my workshops knows, I am a get-down-to-brass-tacks kind on teacher; I don’t spend a lot of time chit-chatting about myself, as I’d rather TEACH than PREACH.  Leave a comment below and let me know what you’d like me to talk about; whether it be marketing, shooting, balancing work and personal life, sales and pricing – I am an open book and I want to teach what you want to learn.

Hope to see you there!



  • We’re so excited to have you be a part of the conference!! It’s going to be great!

  • Monica says:

    I just looked at the info on the conference! Wow – what an amazing event!! Let’s see… is “all of the above” a choice?? Pricing and marketing are my current top concerns followed by sales – I don’t want to seem like a cheesy salesperson just trying to make money. After that would be balance and handling inquiries from friends and family… I can’t wait!! This is going to be an awesome event!!

  • Anxiously waiting noon to arrive tomorrow :) Looking forward to meeting you & hearing you speak! Topic wise, the balance of life is a big one for me. My husband is working on his masters, I just had twins in December, and have a 4 year old… So that would be a great topic! (…as well as pricing, shooting, etc etc. :)

  • Petronella says:

    What a fab idea! Fingers crossed I’ll be there, very much needed for female photogs to bond & share their insights.

  • Paola says:

    Michigan?! Dang!! Wish it were here in sunny So Cal. Could really use some pointers on how to juggle happy hubby, cheery children & career!

Wedding season is about to smack me over the head with a baseball bat and, being that I was pregnant last season, that means new clothes to shoot in.  My fellow lady photographers (and probably some men) know that finding decent, comfortable and stylish shooting attire is a horrible, uphill battle that usually ends in tears, french fries and a few glasses of pinot noir. Not only do the clothes I shoot in have to be comfortable, but they have to withstand the following: squatting up and down, jumping around like a moron, rolling around in the dirt, tromping through the ocean, several (very quick!) visits to the restroom, riding around in a hot car, baby spit-up, dog hair, vendor meals (hello greasy sandwich!) and long 12 hour days. On top of that, I would also like to look like I at least made an attempt to be put-together and professional.

After Tweeting about my predicament, I received several requests to investigate and report back about the perfect wedding pants.  I chose to take it one step further and share what I believe to be the perfect wedding shoes, as well as some other must-haves that make dressing for a shoot a little more tolerable.  So here are my very unscientific and completely relative findings, based on trying on about 10 pairs of pants and owning about 100 pairs of wedding shoes that made my feet bleed….

I actually found TWO pairs of perfect pants! The first is JCrew’s Minnie Stretch Twill Pants.  These are super-stretchy and slightly cropped, so they will look cute with flats. I have been secretly coveting these pants for a while but assumed that you had to be stick-thin to wear them.  NOT TRUE! I am only 5’3″ and have a more hourglass figure and they still look cute.  The only downside: no pockets!  If this is a deal-breaker, check out these -

JCrew is so sure that everyone will look good in these pants, that their latest catalog featured photos of the pants on 12 different women, who had very different figures and sizes. Everyone looked good. These pants are a little looser fit than the Minnie and have pockets.  They also have a nice thick waistband with a double closure (read: no muffin-top.)

And now, a few other items that complete my photographers’ closet:

#1. JCrew’s Cotton Bell Skirt. I know what you’re thinking. A skirt to shoot a wedding?! Rest assured, it’s more practical than you think. This skirt is to-the-knee and nice and full.  I have mastered the art of shooting in a skirt (even taught it at a workshop once!) but, if you’re worried about “showing off the fine china,” I recommend opaque tights or little work-out shorts underneath.

#2. Gentle Souls “Joyus” shoes. These shoes are truly a gift from sweet Baby Jesus. They are a triple-threat: a little height, comfortable and not hideous (insert angels singing from above HERE.)  They are ridiculously pricey (especially since they’re not even hot!), but worth every penny.  I shot 9 months PREGNANT in these shoes and I was comfortable. If that doesn’t sell them, I can’t help you anymore.

#3. JCrew’s Jackie Cardigan. There is a small part of me that would be happy to wear a girlie cardigan and a strand of pearls every day for the rest of my life. THIS is the perfect cardigan.  I like to wear these over lighter shells and tops when I shoot weddings.  They cover bare shoulders for church ceremonies, take the edge off of a nippy outdoor reception and are a nice alternative to wearing a jacket for more formal weddings. If I ever win the lotto, I will buy one in every color.

#4. Tom’s (aka, my Dirty Little Secret.) Ok, the Joyus shoes are very comfy but, after 8 hours on my feet, ANY shoe is going to feel like a torture device. I like to wait until the reception lights are dimmed down low and the guests have a had a signature cocktail or two, and then I slip on these puppies. They fold flat and are easily stowed in a camera bag, they are dark and simple enough that no one will notice you changed your shoes and, best of all, they’re practically slippers (shhhhhhh!) You’re welcome.

There you have it! I hope it helps (and, if it does, do your fellow lady photogs a solid and Spread the Love by clicking on the link below.)



  • Izehi says:

    Thanks for sharing! The shoes sound like an incredible win, and I’m intrigued by the idea of the pants looking good on 12 different woman/body types :)

  • amber says:

    Love this! Totally sharing with our shooter that was insulted by a guest last season for wearing “sensible” shoes – AS IF! The pants, look stylish and comfy. My last challenge to tackle before wedding season…the 2 straps (camera & lens bag) criss-crossed create something that makes the uniboob look good. thx, xo!

  • You are awesome for sharing these fun comfy picks!
    Annnnddd you have given me the courage to bust out the Tom’s at weddings! ;)

  • I wear black patent leather Dansko clogs. I know, not the latest fashion BUT they have done me right for 9 years and I can wear them 12 hours. I also wear red Toms on occasion now (remarkably comfortable). I like those J.Crew pants. SOLD. A little secret I learned while pregnant, WAKE UP on wedding day, pull on the most god awful black knee high granny hose and allow the circulation to flow, ladies. It’s important to wear them from the beginning of the day. I PROMISE it works. Only applicable with long pants.

  • Summer says:

    I love these types of posts!! I’m neither photog NOR knocked up, but I certainly do love me some comfy hip-friendly pants!! I already own Toms, though. Best. Shoes. Ever. Thanks for the suggestions!!

  • I’ve been on a never-ending search for new trousers and shoes to see me through the new season. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one struggling. I was triumphant in finding a pair of lovely, stretchy high-waisted peg trousers but shoes have been a nightmare. Been going down the ballet pump route but Tom’s espadrilles may have just ticked the box. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  • Awesome post! Got the wedge, got the Tom’s, got the gardigan, I only need those pretty pants, and if I had that body I would look amazing at weddings ;)

  • Thank you for sharing your research, I will have to stop in at JCrew on my next trip South of the Border. And I will be looking into those gorgeous Joyus shoes, those may just be what I have been searching for.

  • [...] by telling me the story. I knew she would be thrilled when I found some research posted by Chenin Boutwell and her search for the perfect pants (plus cute & comfy shoes) – Joanne [...]

  • Breanna says:

    THANK YOU! I’ve been dying for someone to share this info! It gets expensive doing all the experimenting myself. :)

  • I simply ADORE Ann Taylor Loft’s pants …. I’m transitioning to all of my wedding pants being hers …

  • Michelle says:

    The minnie is my favorite for shoots! I actually worked at J.Crew for a few years, so that’s how I found them. :)

  • I decided to give up on cute shoes for a wedding a long time ago. I love, love, love Easy Spirit shoes and the good news is they have some really cute and comfortable sandals for summer. I do love the idea of the Tom’s shoes at the reception though. Will have to remember that one!

  • Malinda Warder says:

    Chenin- Just wanted to THANK YOU for this post! I’m always looking for a comfy wedding shoes to shoot in and a wedding outfit! I absolutely love J.Crew so the pants are an easy sell. Keep posting cute clothes. Those of us in the wedding industry appreciate an easy, cute and comfy outfit!

  • uhoh! my wife found this page! & it had to be JCrew, only her favorite store ever. guaranteed she’ll order a pair of those pants & the shoes before the next wedding we photograph. :)

  • Caitlin says:

    You forgot to mention that Toms donates a pair of shoes to kids in need for every pair bought! (Somehow, there are still people who don’t know about this…)

  • Ashley says:

    I wish I could see more posts that would be great for photographers! I’ve been looking for the perfect shoes!!! Thank youu!!!

  • Kim Rily says:


    I remember when I was a bride you and I had the same Rocket dog flats on. You had yours in black, mine in white. Still remember it. I guess we had the same idea for comfy shoes!

  • CHENIN! You are simply wonderful for sharing this fantastic info! Thanks, friend! :)

  • Sheila says:

    Love your new website, Chenin, as well as these tips. I’m a huge fan of your work! :)

  • Carey Shaw says:

    THANK YOU! Last summers staples were pretty much the same – black skirt, Anthropologie top, cardi and wedges. Thanks so much for passing on the pants info (it’s hand to be ‘lady like’ while squatting for pics in a skirt!)

  • Also … I have some gray and brown pants I mix in …. sometimes I feel boring in black. ;)

  • THANK YOU for sharing this info. I got the pants and you are super correct on how comfy it is! Amazingly helpful info..thank you so much!

  • Lydia says:

    Great tips! I usually wouldn’t even try on pants like those, but I’m tempted to at least test them out next time I’m in town! Love my Toms!

  • Thanks for the tips. I’m shopping right now for shoes to wear at weddings, and will look into both of these… also may have to try some of those pants out.

  • Ha Ha! I love this article! In a world which all too often feels like its stuffed full of chauvinistic male photographers blogging about the size of there biggest lens, this is a breath of fresh air! I know only too well the trials of finding wedding photographing outfits, yes husband I know I already have 5 pairs of black trousers but they just don’t fit the bill :) The real problem comes when your photographic a friends wedding and you want to get dressed up in a pretty dress and heels, but you know it will be a really bad idea…

  • New follower here! LOVE what I see. Thanks for sharing all your tips!

  • Your an angel! Thank you for this wonderful post. This has been a constant source of anguish for me since I started shooting weddings! Would love any more tidbits you have to share in the future!

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