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Hey there fellow photographers and cameraphiles! Some of you may have heard the rumor that I switched (back) to Nikon…. well, it’s true!

I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking me to explain why, so i thought I’d use this opportunity to do a little explaining and to liquidate my Canon gear.

First up… why did I switch?  Actually, I started shooting weddings on Nikon gear. At the time, it was the best digital solution out there and I never really had too many complaints.  But Canon released the 20d and it offered better high ISO capabilities and more megapixels at a much better price-point.  So began my 6 year affair with Canon…

Canon was good to me, especially back in the day when I rocked a cropped sensor and a 35mm lens for 90% of my shoots. It was simple, reliable and dependable.  Then I got a 5d.  The 5d offered great high ISO features, a full frame, a nice big LCD and the worst focusing system money could buy. :(

Let me preface this next part by saying that I am a hard-core stickler for sharp images; “A little soft,” or “a little back-focused” is not ok by me.  It’s tack sharp or it get’s the hose. So, as you can imagine, the 5d became quite a handicap for me.  But, nonetheless, I figured out that if I only shot on One Shot and kept my aperture up, I could make in-focus photos.

Despite my near-constant frustration with Canon, I held out for the mythical 5d Mark II – a camera that promised even better ISO, an even bigger sensor, an even fancier LCD and (you guessed it), the same crappy focusing system. At that point, Canon had me by the you-know-whats (I don’t actually have you-know-whats… it’s a euphemism, silly) – I had *thousands* invested in lenses (see below). So I shot my 5d Mark II for the entire 2009 wedding season…. on One-Shot…. using a high aperture… constantly cussing under my breath.

So, there you have it! Canon is a great system…. I will miss some of the lenses and the way the bodies feel in my hands (I still think Nikons are made for a man’s hands and mine don’t quite fit around the grip right).  But, at the end of the day, I am a stickler for focus and Canon just didn’t deliver. 

Now for Part Two of this post….

Below is a list of what I have to sell, along with a brief description of condition, what’s included, etc. If it’s not listed, it’s not included ;)   I used to be one of those crazy people that kept every little box and accessory and manual, but now I’m not and I don’t have that stuff.  But, I take good care of my stuff and this gear has seen some very lovelyl weddings ;)

So here is the list! Email me at chenin@boutwellstudio.com if you want to buy anything.  You pay shipping from 92694.

Canon 5d MarkII (excellent condition, one year old, includes body, body cap, 3 batteries and charger) – $2300 – SOLD

Canon 5d – (good condition, a couple of minor scratches on the body, includes body cap, charger and 2 batteries) – $1000 – SOLD

Canon 5d – (fair condition, works great but it has some deep scratches on the body, includes cap, charger and 1 battery) – $900 – SOLD

Canon 85 1.2 lens (excellent condition, includes hood and caps) – $1600 – SOLD

Canon 50 1.2 lens (excellent condition, includes hood and caps) – $1300 – SOLD

Canon 28 1.8 lens (excellent condition) – $375 – SOLD

Canon 50mm macro (excellent condition, includes caps) – $200 – SOLD

Canon 24-105 IS lens (good condition, includes hood and caps) – $900

Canon 45 2.8 TS-E lens (good condition, includes hood and caps) – $875- SOLD

Canon 70-200 2.8 IS lens (good condition, includes hood and caps) – $1300 – SOLD

Canon 50 1.8 lens (never used, this lens sat on my back-up camera for a year) – $50 – SOLD

(2) Canon 580exII Speedlights (good condition, has a piece of Velcro on it) – $225/each – BOTH SOLD

Canon 550EX Speedlight (fair condition, this thing is scratched and ugly, but it works fine, been sitting in my back-up bag for 2 years) – $125 – SOLD

On another note, there are still spots available for The StyleLab, my first workshop in 2 years! A lot of people have been emailing and asking if I will be going to the East Coast or Midwest anytime soon.  LET ME BE SUPER-DUPER-CRYSTAL-CLEAR – I am only teaching workshops in Orange County, CA.  I love to teach and help photographers, but I love to be with my family more.  Being a mom comes first, which means no giant mutli-city tours.  So come on down to the beautiful OC and lets’ do some learning :)


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  • thank you for sharing. i too am a nikon girl in a business where sooooo many photogs are canon. feels good to know that a super fab photographer such as yourself has come over to the other side. i love my d700! funny about the grip…i have tiny hands (ha) and always felt like the canons just didnt sit right in my hand. i think my girlfriend and i figured its the depth of the grip…the nikons are deeper…maybe its a finger length thing!? would love to hear what lenses you are scooping up and excited to see some shots!

  • Sydni Rae says:

    What Nikon system did you invest in?

  • Heh. This could be me. I’ve shot since may.. center focus, aperture up, one shot. My 5DII is in for repair AGAIN for the focus issues. I don’t have much hope for it coming back working.

  • John Edgar says:

    Hey Chenin.
    Just wanted to say — I’m a huge Canon Fanboi but I also find frustration in their AF system and have thought many many times over the past few months about switching. The fact that I can only use one AF point at best, and half the time that doesn’t even work.. is really really really annoying.
    all the best,

  • Heh. This could be me. I’ve shot since may.. center focus, aperture up, one shot. My 5DII is in for repair AGAIN for the focus issues. I don’t have much hope for it coming back working.

  • Kerry says:

    Interesting post, thx for sharing. Taylor & I are Canon shooters, we love what we perceive to be the “film-like” quality of our 5D’s (which is probably just the full frame). Have to say tho’, I’m intrigued by all the Nikon focus system accolades…we’re not completely satisfied with the Canon’s focusing. I’d love to hear about the process of trying out Nikon (which I assume you did) and specifically how you found it superior to Canon, etc. Which model are you going with?

  • Which camera did you go with? I’d love the D3x, but considering the cost, I’m only upgrading to the D3s. Welcome (back) to Nikon!

  • Tina Harden says:

    Well Chenin, I feel like you just took a trip into my brain and described the way I feel about Canon. I too will eventually make the switch when the timing is right for me as I can’t stand the soft focus and the focus system. I kept thinking that if I upgraded my body the clouds would part and angels would singing but they only thing that can be heard are F bombs being dropped in the office as I edit. My only saving grace has been TRA. Thanks for the post and the affirmation that I’m not crazy… well at least when it comes to my camera. Blessings!

  • Which camera did you go with? I’d love the D3x, but considering the cost, I’m only upgrading to the D3s. Welcome (back) to Nikon!

  • John Edgar says:

    Hey Chenin.
    Just wanted to say — I’m a huge Canon Fanboi but I also find frustration in their AF system and have thought many many times over the past few months about switching. The fact that I can only use one AF point at best, and half the time that doesn’t even work.. is really really really annoying.
    all the best,

  • matt says:

    now i’m even more curious… having never even held a nikon dslr, what body are you going with and why?

  • andrea says:

    thanks for sharing, I too was curious for the switch as I am looking for a new body (for my camera, though having 4 kids I could use a little here & there personally!) and was seriously considering Canon though having a collection of Nikon lenses I was still leaning more towards Nikon. What Nikon body are you using?

  • Well, this post said it all. The D3S is one “great” of a camera and you will never regret switching back to Nikon.

  • Amy says:

    Hello, just send you an email regarding one of the 580 speedlights! THANKS!

  • I’m a Canon shooter through and through, and of course, like all Canon shooters I’m constantly frustrated with my AF system (I’m still using a 5D1). BUT, I would urge many of you NOT to switch at this point (especially if you are invested in Canon glass). This is a critical time, and Canon is finally answering the call. With the introduction of the 7D and the 1D4, Canon have created new bodies with superior focus systems. It’s only a matter of time before those technologies move to their other lines. It’s not worth all of the trouble to switch, especially now that we have real evidence that Canon is working to fix the AF woes of the past. And no matter how you swing it, Canon really does have superior lens choices. Just think about it before you pack everything up and switch.

  • I’ll always stick with my Nikon gear. I’ve never felt that I’m missing out on anything. Nikon is a great system. Welcome back, Kim. : )

  • do you still have the 50mm 1.8?

  • lisa says:

    I am interested in the Canon 550EX Speedlight if it’s still available!

  • I’ve sat on this same fence many, many times over the past year. I shoot with a 5DII and know exactly what you mean about it’s focus limitations. In low light is just hunts and hunts. I often have to point the camera at the ceiling or floor and press the shutter button to “wake” the AF up out of constant hunt mode. I tried a D700 at a wedding over the summer and the AF completely blew the 5DII out of the water in the same lighting conditions. I’m cautiously optimistic about the 1D4…but the $5K price tag is steep. I’m hoping the 5DIII – whenever it arrives – will finally give me the confidence to move off one-shot using the center focus point!

  • I never understood what the BIG deal is with Cannon. I have shot Nikons since I was TWELVE years old. I seriously think Cannons are for new digital photographers that never shot film. The focus is so bad (as you explain), and Nikons are so….much….faster.
    Good luck and welcome (back) to the dark side. ;)

  • Julia says:

    Do you still have the 5D in good condition? If so I’d love to snag that!

  • Julia says:

    Okay, I see the “good condition” one is sold, but can I take dibs on the “fair condition” camera?

  • same boat, here, Chenin. One shot all the way. :( I’m glad you’re able to do something about it. I’m stuck for now…thanks for putting this out there.

  • I completely agreed with you. But learning that Nikon Capture NX has Upoint technology to RAW may push me over to the Nikon side. I went from the 5D and praying that the 5DMKII gets some of the autofocus ability of it’s 1D brethren. But it was such a big disappointment. Finally went and bought a 1D MKIII to get the fast, accurate autofocus…only to find the WB subpar compared to the 5D. So I hate using it. So disappointed in Canon on many levels. And with the recent improvements in sensor technology, Nikon is looking like a viable system again for me.

  • email sent. thanks!

  • lisa says:

    Although what I wanted is gone.;-( Next time I need to have an E-Sale I’m going to have you throw it for me!! What great success you’ve had!! WOOHOO!!

  • I totally understand the frustration with Canon’s focusing system on the 5D bodies. I am excited about what they put in the 7D and wish they would have put that focusing system in the 5D MkII, but the 1DS MkII and more so the MkIII have a much improved focusing system over the 5D series. I agree that hopefully Canon will get with it and start putting the better focusing systems in their top end non-pro line of cameras, but honestly if I had the cash I’d be shooting a 1DS MkIII, especially considering the Canon glass that’s available (and that most Canon shooters are already invested in). Good luck with Nikon! They make great stuff, for sure!

  • Andrea says:

    I appreciate another photographer giving an in depth, plausible discussion for why they’ve chosen their camera {besides that everyone else is doing it…}. I think that Canon & Nikon are really great brands who are constantly bringing us products that will only expand our possibilities as photographers. That said, I was blown away when my husband & were comparing cameras & saw how superior the Nikon focusing system is. I already shoot with a baby Nikon & will definitely continue to do so {with hopefully bigger & better in the future}. Can’t wait to hear how that Nikon TS-E works out for you… intrigued!

  • Mike C. says:

    How ironic: I am almost finished selling off all of my Nikon gear and am switching to Canon because of weak autofocus performance (I still have a Sigma 24/70 f/2.8D lens if anyone wants it — email czemike@gmail.com for info). I had the D90 and knew that I needed to upgrade but when I tried the combination of the Nikon AF-S 24-70 and the D700 I was disappointed that it was only marginally better than the D90 with the Sigma 24-70 f/2.8. Then someone suggested the Canon 7D to me and I was totally blown away. The 7D has a better focusing system than anything from Nikon and paired with “L” lenses there’s no faster-focusing camera system on the planet (not counting the 1D4, of course). Bottom line for me: so long Nikon, hello Canon!

  • Welcome to the dark side, Chenin. Unfortunately, so many people out there spread mis-information by the truckload, and it’s extremely difficult to single out the true facts. Really quick, I’d love to make a couple statements-
    1.) At the highest level, when comparing the D3 series Nikons and the 1-series Canons, the focusing power is almost identical. So, before any more Canon shooters up and switch to Nikon, they really should go out and rent a 1Ds or 1D series camera, and see if Canon’s pro grade 45 point AF system works for them. Because quite honestly, if you can’t get Canon’s 45 point AF to work, (OR Nikon’s 51 point AF) …then you simply suck at photography.
    2.) It is indeed a shame that Canon has taken this long to put a pro-grade AF system in their semi-pro / amateur bodies. They previously reserved pro-grade AF for their $4500 and $8000 cameras, which I think was a fatal mistake that caused many shooters to buy the D3, and now the D700 / D300, which cost less than $3000 and less than $2000 respectively.
    3.) However, it’s not like Nikon’s AF is perfect either. The D300 can almost be described as “sucking” compared to the new 7D, that’s for sure. The D300 sure as heck gets the job done for me, but I’ve used the 7D and it’s pretty precise & consistent. The D700 and D3 AF still needs a few improvements, too.
    4.) One last thing- It used to be that Canon had better lenses almost hands-down, but that isn’t 100% the case anymore. Nikon’s new 14-24, 24-70, and 70-200 all make the Canon equivalents look laughably soft. So Nikon has finally got the 2.8 zoom lens arena covered. Now Canon only has their primes as their crowning glory, and admittedly with the larger mount size they may always be on top with the f/1.2 lenses. Nikon may never make an AF 1.2 lens, even though their “Noct” technology in the 58 1.2 (manual focus) is legendary for wide-open flawlessness.
    5.) HOWEVER, Nikon has recently filed patents for multiple new prime lenses, mostly f/1.4 designs I think. Either a new 35mm or new 85mm may be coming in the next 2-3 months…
    Take care!

  • Kerry says:

    Wow, great objective post m. seville!

  • Sheila says:

    Wow, things went FAST! I just invested in a D90 nd I am beyond thrilled with it.

  • I probably would have tried a 1 series before switching to nikon with all the money you have invested in lenses. The 1ds can be a expensive crazy camera, but I love the auto focus of a 1 series. I used a 1DMKII my self for a while and didn’t have too many focus problems. Wish the best of luck to you with your switch. Nikon or Canon, it doesn’t matter just have the good stuff.

  • geeze, I came here to buy all your gear and pay you extra for it for the anointing but after reading your post, I think Ill stick with all my flagship Nikon gear ;) ;) ;) Ha, no, Im in love with my D3, 24-70 and 1.4, speedlights…I could go on… :) welcome back. Now I can say I think all my favorite photogs shoot Nikon… coincidentally of course. I do wish for a N coated 1.4 but its close to perfect.

  • geeze, I came here to buy all your gear and pay you extra for it for the anointing but after reading your post, I think Ill stick with all my flagship Nikon gear ;) ;) ;) Ha, no, Im in love with my D3, 24-70 and 1.4, speedlights…I could go on… :) welcome back. Now I can say I think all my favorite photogs shoot Nikon… coincidentally of course. I do wish for a N coated 1.4 but its close to perfect.

  • lin says:

    Awww, welcome back to Nikon!

  • Peter says:

    When I was younger I started out using a Pentax. It didn’t take long to outgrow the rather limited Pentax system and I moved to Nikon. After a while I had a lull in my photography and wasn’t shooting for a while so sold all of my gear.
    Later on I got straight back into photography and had to re-buy my equipment. This time it was a hard choice but the Canon coming in much cheaper I went with it. I wish I hadn’t sometimes, it’s just not quite the same as the Nikons. I’m highly considering moving back.
    I hope all goes well with your change.

  • Chenin, I to switched for the same reason, my colleagues thought I was nuts but they are the ones with soft images now. Just upped to the D3s as well and the new 70-200 and awesome is my only word, this partners my D3x which is an awesome combination. Long live Nikon..

  • Does this mean I can I switch to Hasselblad now? :)

  • Tracy says:

    I shot a wedding with a friend of mine who uses a Nikon…as i went through all the pictures she had NO blurry ones at all!! I couldn’t believe the difference – although I liked my color better straight out of the camera – I have the Mark II. I liked the feel of my pictures better although I was so amazed at her lack of blurry pictures….I honestly don’t know if there was a blurry one on her Nikon! hard though because I liked my color so so much better.

  • welcome back to the world of Nikon :) I love it here!
    and way to sell all your gear – its going fast!

  • Anonymous says:

    You must tell us what Nikon gear you have now…. Part 3 to this post……PLLLLLEASE!!!:) I am a nikon girl and cannot decide to upgrade to the D700 or the famous D3!

  • Ah, this post (and all these comments) have been so helpful! I am shooting with a D80 and trying to make the decisions on my upgrades now. Thoughts on bodies and prime lenses appreciated! I’m thinking about going with the D700, my reservation is the 12mp. Also wondering what flashes Nikon users recommend. Chenin – I’d love to know what is in your nikon bag!

  • Chris says:

    Hmmm…big decision to make Chenin. I have to agree with you about the focus issues. Its hit and miss with Canons. I get about 85% sharp, the rest is either just off or plain poor. However, Canons colours are so much better, its kept me from going to Nikon (if you can say that any digital SLRs colour is any good, because in my opinion, its rubbish and cannot beat film). Also, Canons price point is realistic, while Nikons isnt. Yes it may offer 2MP more, however a D3X is twice the money of a 5DMkII. And the extra MP isnt really enough for me to spend so much more cash. I can print pretty big when I have to from the Canon, but for albums, who cares if its 12MP or 22MP, makes no difference. Its a shame about the AF on Canons, you would think they would do something about it wouldnt you? I shoot Canon DSLR and Fuji film now, and get the best of both worlds.
    Merry Christmas,

  • Scott says:

    I guarantee you will NOT be disappointed. My 2nd shooter uses a 5D markii and we compare directly to D700 or D3. Noticeable difference in Nikons favor. Now up to D3s which is even crazier ISO the D3/700. Glass combined with focus speed & accuracy that will blow you away. Enjoy!

  • scott says:

    must have lenses Nikon’s new 14-24/ 2.8, 24-70/ 2.8, and 70-200 vrii / 2.8 and 85mm 1.4 (INSANE)

  • I happened on this site by chance… WOW… and I thought I was going crazy about “out of focus” shots with ALL my Canons!
    I started my business a couple of years ago and went from a Canon 30D,40D to the 5D’s and a bunch of L primes and zooms. I just sold everything Canon on eBay eight months ago. Purchased a D700 and D300s (for backup) Nikkor 24-70 2.8 zoom (dream lens) a couple of primes for backup SB900 flash and a couple SB600 flashes.
    Canon to Nikon, NIGHT AND DAY period… NO MORE OUT OF FOCUS SHOTS!
    BUT, I did have BIG problems with Nikon repair in NY (D700 F0 problems with heavy lenses)! And joining NPS to get professional repair is taking a great deal of energy, I think I’m in!
    The D70024-70 lensSB900 is a dream come true

  • First, you do have you-know-whats, since the expression is often “by the short and curlies”. Or maybe you donlt have those either but that is too much information, frankly.
    My 1Ds3, 1D3 and 7D focus very well, at least 1 or 2 out of 5 times when I shoot wide open at f/1.5. So what is the to complain about? Surely one r two sharp images out of every five is enough?
    If I did not have $30k invested in Canon I would switch right now, at 1:20 AM.

  • Uh oh, Chenin, I hope you’re ready to receive a zillion comments; “Nikon Rumors” just twittered a link to this blog post. That is a LOT of traffic! =Matt=

  • Lisa says:

    It’s refreshing to see photographers out there who are truly mindful of the technical aspects of the products they use. Honestly, I think a great many photogs use certain equipment (computer and camera alike) just because photographers they admire use the same equipment (as if the equipment itself were some sort of “magic bullet” guaranteeing better photography) Things become “trendy” and are accepted as “the best” without question, which I feel is such a disservice to the industry.
    I happen to be a Nikon girl – have been ever since I started using their cameras back in ’91 (YIKES!) They almost lost me to Canon a few years back but I stuck with them and I’m extremely glad I did for a number of reasons. Bottom line, however, is that Nikon and Canon both make amazing camera systems. The competition between two such worthy competitors drives DSLR innovation forward continuously – much more so than if just Nikon or Canon were the only dominant manufacturer out there. Soooo – kudos to both Canon and Nikon for helping to create such amazing advances in digital technology, and causing us to re-invest thousands of dollars of money in the next great thing every year or so…!!!
    Thanks for the great posts, everybody – this has been a most educational stream of commentary!

  • Grant says:

    i shoot nikon and used to shoot pentax and am glad I changed,and from what I see on the internet the canon 7D is floundering like a beached whale with problems. I support your change.You will enjoy Nikon I find it a real thrill (nikon D300 user)

  • Mariozi says:

    I am on a completely different field, underwater photography, and being an instructor I shot with almost any camera available that my students come with. My opinion about this Nikon x Canon thing is not just AF, I cannot believe that in 2010 Canon still doesn’t have a light metering system seeing “all the colors” and much more importantly AF reading distance information (I think this is the main reason for the failure of their AF system). Their AF is surely fast, but it misses the point too much in my opinion, Nikon’s is almost just as fast but a lot more precise, I say that because my main models (fish and my kids) are much faster than brides and grooms! The other important point is the level of “configurability” of the Nikon cameras, the newest 7D gets close to that almost as good in this aspect as the Nikon D300 (“s” or not), the problem is that the D300 technology is more than 2 years old!!! And only now Canon came up with something (at least on the APS-C arena) that most reviewers agree that are up-to-level with the venerable by digital standards D300(s). It looks like Canon is too much focused on Mp count and uses this along with a strong marketing presence to try to win this war… not what I look for. But I understand Chenin, after the first years of the digital revolution Canon got the lead in IQ, but since Nikon released the D200 it all came back to normal. One old photographer told me something quite interesting: “This Canon thing is at most a 15-year trend in a 75 year story, it only came to be for 2 reasons: first the reluctance of Nikon in adopting AF and now these slips from Nikon on the beginning of the digital era, all fueled by heavy marketing.”

  • Mariozi says:

    Oh and by the way…
    Welcome back babe! :o )

  • David Crist says:

    I had to do the same thing. I had the Canon 5D Mk2 and it went to Canon 4 times for the focus issues, then I forced them to replace it with a new body, and it was just the same. I had 13 lenses for it and except for the wide zooms, I liked them all. I switched to the Nikon D3X and could not be happier: it focuses, it handles well(though a bit large) the 14-24mm lens is simply stunning. And I don’t have to work with a Canon tech rep saying that I am ‘mis using the AF system, ‘you don’t know what your doing’, etc….

  • The 7d autofocus still isn’t up to Nikon D300 standards per PopPhoto testing.
    The D3x has a heck of a lot more than a few megapixels over the 5Dm2.

  • I am so glad I am not the only one>I shot with Nikon in film days and tried out the 5d for awhile. Its soft focus drove me bananas>one vote to Doug and and a Hassie.

  • Jimmy Pito says:

    You young bucks with your autofocus. I use disposable Kodac film cameras and my brides love the results and they are paying top dollar. Anyone can take a good photo these days just go to Sav-on and buy the point and shoot gold. Cameras are tools to share your vision and understanding the limits of your equipment helps you shoot within those limits to get good results. Canon, Nikon, Pentax, Hasselblad, Sony, Polaroid, Holga, Kodac point and shoot, you name the light capturing tool and they all have pros and cons but in the end the photographer is pushing the button. Chenin, you are a very talented photographer and your images are going to be great to look at no matter what equipment you use.

  • I started out with the Nikon’s film camera’s back in the early 70′s and only knew about Nikon period.
    I got into budget Canon Digital and its served me for the last 4 yrs.
    my friend all have mid to high end Nikons and when I tried them my eyes were opened up.
    the ergonomics of the nikon’s is way better.
    I really like the dual control wheel’s and easy access to bracket buttons and more options to bracket to nine shots.
    I’ve read up on all the Canon Gear and there are a lot of complaints about focusing issue’s. Even in the high end 1DS camera’s the issue’s are made clear by many professional’s complaining about focus issue’s.
    Nikon’s are not perfect either but they seem to have more innovation going into the system and lately Canon is sorely lacking in that regard.
    Anyhow I’m switching back to Nikon, a D3S and 24-70mm will be the ticket very quickly now.
    all the best to you and hope the new system works great for you !
    Evan Spellman

  • nikonman says:

    I’m a Nikon D300 shooter in fact I have shot over 80,000 frames on this camera, this camera does not let me down.
    The only thing I can complain about is my rubber grip has swallen due to fact I use this camera so much its my work horse.
    Have used a friends brand new canon 7D (approx for 3 days) and didnt think much of it.
    The auto focus system isnt as good a people rave about the high iso performance isnt too good after 3200 the canon menu system is just crap!
    the preview image button doesnt work properly, the screen makes your photos look brillant until you actually check em on the pc or print..
    I find the colours to be overdone. the white balance isnt consistant you need to manually overide & adjust to get right, i find the camera over exposes shots so you need to step it down.
    Shooting the camera at 8 frames per second produces on fair quality images.
    The only good things i found on this camera is in BULB mode it has a timer function which works well and the remote flash setup works well too.
    Canon have copied the technolgy from the D300/D700 but crammed 18 megapixels into the small sensor?
    Canon make great lenses it a pitty the bodies let them down, If I was a canon shooter I would wait until canon get it right if they ever do?

  • Miah Klein says:


  • Khris says:

    I am one of canon users switching from canon to nikon. why? cause, canon’s AF system.
    I have D700 and am very satisfied with it except color for JPG.

  • ken kienow says:

    i love lamp

  • Paul says:

    Welcome back, Chenin! The Nikon wedding shooters out there are glad to have you!

  • Rachael says:

    I need it! Your Canon 24-105 IS, still for sale?

  • Impressed with the article !! at the end of the day both sides have some pros and cons.

  • steve france says:

    Shoot film….job done :)
    Digital has its pluses…its very cost effective….but in terms of contrast/micro contrast/apparent sharpeness/colour/tone….. its rubbish LOL!

  • Welcome to the wonderful world of NIKON… your frustration with inferior equipment is OVER!

  • Bogdan says:

    My Canon experience is totally opposite I’m afraid. Where I found my 5D lacking is in AF sensitivity and not necessarily in accuracy (all in One shot mode). The servo modes I find useless indeed so no argument here. Too bad the 1Dmk3 series was so inconsistent compared to the Mk2 series (which was awesome)… it pushed me to try a D700 as well. It’s an excellent camera but its AF still have a few quirks. Nonetheless I kept it and used it (along with my old Canon gear) for the better part of this year. Not bad at all indeed…

  • Bogdan says:

    Had a look at your website… Congratulations! Very original and entertaining. Excellent job…

  • Tip for all Nikon shooters: make focusing work only by pressing the AF-ON button. That way focusing will work only when you want it to without worrying that the next time you press the shutter half way your camera will start to seek again. You can always keep your focus point in the center; focus by pressing af-on on desired subjest, release and compose as you wish. If your subject is always moving, you can hold af-on continuously and shoot at the same time. The fastest way to focus on desired subject on my opinion. Works like a charm

  • Enche Tjin says:

    Thanks Eugene, I heard about that for a while but haven’t really get used to it.
    @Chenin: Good decision, but it is quite a switching cost. I also wonder why you don’t get the new Canon 1d mark IV instead.

  • Derek says:

    Sounds like you got a couple of turkey bodies. I use a MkII almost every day and the focus is always spot on. It isn’t as fast as my 1Ds’s, nor does it have as many focus points (which can sometimes be a pain), but when it indicates that focus lock is there, you can bet that the shot is as sharp as a tack.
    Good luck with your new Nikon gear.

  • pcunite says:

    Thanks for having the courage to post the truth about Canon bodies. True we have made it work but that does not mean it was fun doing so. It is time for Canon to put better AF in the smaller bodies.

  • Kasimir says:

    To change due to the metering

  • lucy says:

    thats why I shoot both.

  • Mariozi says:

    So… what are you shooting now with Chenin?

  • Hi Chenin. I made this same move in January 2008. If you find the time, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts about Nikon’s system after living with it again for a while. Meanwhile, I love your work and wish you the best.

  • Sebastian says:

    After 8 years with Nikon (D70, D200, D2H, D2x, tried few times D700 and D3x, never bought it), 5 days ago I bought 5dMII, so far I’m super happy, and I think I will be moving to Canon for good.
    What draw the straw was movie mode and FF 21MP with really nice low light ISO.

  • tebby says:

    Welcome home to Nikon! While I never strayed, your shared experience has quelled any lingering “what if” questions I had about should I have gone to Canon like my friend did when she left Nikon behind about the same time frame you did. Too bad she stuck and can’t go back tho I secretly suspect she would if she could ;)

  • To: Rachael,
    Sorry, I bought the Canon 24-105 IS
    from Chenin yesterday…………it pays to
    live in SoCal!

  • god bless you for posting this!! I have been struggling with canon’s focus for years. Figured it was just me at first…but then when I figured out when it was and wasn’t my fault. Frustration and yes *cursing* under my breath was in full sailor mode. I’ve been on the fence… this helps!
    THANK YOU! : )

  • David Harris says:

    You do realize it was more expensive to swap systems than it would have been to upgrade 1 or 2 of those 5D bodies to a (used) 1Ds MkIII, yes ?
    Also, the AF ability (or lack thereof) with the 5D MkII was known well before the camera was released.
    It seems like you wanted to switch (back) to Nikon anyways and the well-known and easily worked around (get a 1D series) solution for the 5D series AF problems was your scapegoat.

  • David Harris says:

    That last comment was a bit harsh.
    You obviously know what you’re doing and your work speaks for itself. I like your style especially.

  • Wow — so amazing that the comments on this post are still going strong…I just don’t understand the big deal? Boxers or briefs? Ruffles or Lays? Why do people care so much????

  • ridzwan says:

    lot’s of your beautiful images were shot with Canon. I don’t think the focusing is the real issue and I guess it could be a dark side marketing strategy to sponsor you the whole line of its range since you got lots of followers. I’ve seen excellent image with Nikon and Canon and for a real photographer, it doesn’t matter..the one that suits your need/grip is most important. The person behind the camera is the most important…and you’re great!

  • lani says:

    I noticed you are located in Ladera Ranch. Did you try taking your gear to the Canon service center in Irvine? I’ve never had AF problems on my 5D Mark II but the people at Canon have taken good care of me on the odd occasions that I’ve had to have stuff serviced. One time they replaced the PCB assembly on a 1D Mark II by the next day, and calibrated a 70-200/2.8L IS, also by the next day.

  • Paul says:

    Wait a minute. I am appalled by the people who casually say you should have known better or you could just upgrade or there’s no real issue here. NOT ME. I teach new photography students on the college level. I have mentioned my displeasure with Canon regarding my own M2 autofocus problems and it amazes me that Canon is taking such a blind stance. This is a widespread problem. At PPA in Nashville I approached a Canon rep with the problem. Response: “I’m not aware of any such problem” AND: “Stop talking about all the other photogs with a problem and just tell me about yours.” Thanks Canon. That kind of arrogance will drive me away after paying the price for this body. I too demand tack sharp images and I have been in commercial shooting situations where I have had to take a shot over & over & over, finally using manual focus (one such case was on a child’s face for a law firm). This is NOT good Canon.
    I can’t afford to be in this kind of client bind. Fess up and give us a solution…either a trade in on a newer body model or a refund. Nikon is just around the corner, folks.

  • that is a ridiculous amount of comments :) Good for you for keeping your workshops close to home, mama. I can always have a great business but I can never get back this time with my babies.

  • PS. I’ve been itching to switch myself. Our studio has both bodies so I see both sets of images with frequency. I haven’t noticed a HUGE focusing problem with the Mark II 1D EOS body… but I do love my Canon 5D Mark II… if only Nikon would just sponsor me.

  • I started with a Canon Rebel XTi, then invested in everything Nikon D300. After hating it for eight months, I sold it for half price and bought a used Canon 5D. Although, I prefer brand new gears, the 5D has helped me produce some really beautiful and sharp images in-camera. I had to deal with off SOOC files from my D300 for almost a year, to the point that I was too embarrassed to show my clients their images on the back of the camera. (Yes, I’m a Manual shooter.) I can easily show off images to my clients on the back of the 5D and they are convinced everything is finished and there’s no need to do extra editing. I did so much more post-production with files from the D300 than I do with files from my 5D. I have colleagues who rave about their Nikon D300/D700; but, I’ve seen some of their SOOC files and it just goes back to why I sold my Nikon for Canon (again).

  • [...] had to say about why they made the same switch? Check out Chenin Boutwell’s thoughts here and Michele of Pinkle Toes Photography’s point of view [...]

  • [...] 1: Sold Canon gear and switched to Nikon: Canon was good to me, especially back in the day when I rocked a cropped sensor and a 35mm lens [...]

  • Michael says:

    You’re so cool! haha I went from Nikon to Canon….who cares anyways right? lol


    Michael Hidalgo

  • dariusz says:

    do you not feel tempted to switch again now that 5d mark iii is on the market?? greetings. d :)

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